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I am so grateful that I was introduced to Vedic Art by Ingvild.  The Seventeen Principles of Vedic Art changed me as an Artist.  I began to see myself as more in control of my decisions and the Principles enabled me to trust my Intuition.  As an Artist that is an essential part of creation. By trusting one's Intuition it enables an Artist to create beyond one's expectations. The experience was both enlightening and freeing.


Bridget Benson - The Art student League New York City


We wanted to thank you for a wonderful weekend. We are so happy and grateful that you are the one that is training us to become teachers. Thank you for your passion, your spirit, and the chats we have with you. All this was a reminder and a confirmation that we are on the right track! 

Sabina og Ewa B, dancer and artist, Chicago



I highly recommend the experience of a Vedic Art workshop for anyone wanting to expand their horizons and sense of life’s possibilities...The workshop is fun and it also connects us to our deep intuitive wisdom.I found it to be a truly illuminating and very enjoyable way to spend a weekend! That was FAB!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fun! Fun! Fun!!!!Thank you, Ingvild! 

Lillian Gottlieb – Health Coach, New York City



Ingvild Vedic Art workshop embodies the Spirit of play and the play of Spirit. It is a delightful creative workshop experience that integrates the

genius of play, imagination and Spiritual principles. Ingvild teaches with a gentle command, allowing each person to learn at one's own pace and individual creative expression. She shows you where to look but does not tell you what to see or do.

The Vedic Art Principles, which Ingvild is the essence of, open doors where there were only walls.

Llorraine Neithardt, Shoe artist and Psychic reader NYC



Anonymous feedback from students in Vedic Art workshop at The Art Student League in New York City


- Great workshop! Vedic Art helped me tapping into my creativity without judgements. Ingvild Waerhaug is a very supportive and inspiring instructor.


- Ingvild Waerhaug is a presenter and gentle teacher. And the method of each of Vedic art principles are the strength of this workshop.


- Very laid back with no expectations. Each student is completely responsible for her creative journey. It was a fantastic course. I really enjoyed





I have been a teacher in the arts and crafts for more than 20 years. Because of this I admit that I demand a lot from other teachers when I participate in their workshop. What I can say is that Ingvild is a wonderful teacher. She is very calm and helps you distress in no time, and she creates a very relaxing and comforting atmosphere. What I really enjoyed about the workshop was the silence and that we did not comment each others work. It simply made me loose my anxiety there and then! I truly recommend this Vedic art workshop to my friends.

Audhild Tinglum, painter and art teacher in Norway



I LOVED it!!!!!.... because there is absolutely no demands, no technique to


learn, no right or wrong way to 'DO' it...


Just allowing oneself to dive within & with the guide line of the vedic art


principles, let whatever needs to express itself straight from the source within


with no interference from the mind whatsoever about the how why or even the


result,...& then it is just FUN to flow with what comes out......& THE results are


amazing, I astonished my self every time. I did not know i could either paint


draw clash lines & colours on scary white sheets! I cannot wait to go to the


next course!


Thanks Ingvild! What a treat!

Veronica Samycia, Organic farmer - Norway



Thank you so much for this wonderful weekend and this creative sharing of these beautiful teachings  I am honored to know you. You inspired me so much. Much love Elena Z - Artist New York City

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